Animal relocation is tough. No matter how well-behaved your furry friend might be, securing the proper resources and documentation to bring him aboard a flight is undeniably stressful. Professional animal transporters exist, but are they worth the money? If an airline claims to be pet-friendly, are they worth the hassle? If you decide to utilize a professional pet mover, what type of documentation and certification should you ask to see? These questions plague all pet parents when it comes time to move. This is exactly the dearth of information we want to address and fill.


Animals Transported provides the resources pet owners need to prepare for both a trip down the street and a trip across the pond. You might be relocating permanently to another part of the country. Perhaps you’re visiting friends for a couple of weeks and want to take your dog along for the ride. Regardless of your need for animal transportation, we provide the resources you need to aid your experience.


Our organization, Animals Transported, advocates for a streamlined alternative to traditional pet travel. We believe that professional pet movers should be consulted before every move and that “multi-leg transports” are unnecessarily stressful and, in the worst cases, inhumane. Our resources are catered to the benefit of your furry friend and their comfort while on the road. Though possibly expensive, we believe that a few extra bucks is appropriately necessary to ensure your pet’s safety and security.