Animal relocation is tough. No matter how well-trained your animals may be, figuring out how to move them long distances and securing the proper resources for the mode of travel can be very stressful. Breeders, ranchers, and trainers all need to know the various options for transporting their livestock and animals. If an airline claims to be pet-friendly, what does that mean? Should you travel with a pet in the cabin or cargo hold of a plane? Professional animal transporters exist, but are they worth the money? If you decide to utilize a professional pet mover, what type of documentation and certification should you ask to see? United Animal Transport can answer these questions for you.


You might be relocating permanently to another part of the country. Perhaps you’re visiting friends for a couple of weeks and want to take your dog along for the ride. Maybe you and your pet are participating in a dog show or maybe you’re moving a horse for an equestrian event. United Animal Transport provides resources for pet owners, commercial livestock operators and everything in between. Whether you’re crossing the city on a bus, crossing the country with an animal trailer in tow, or crossing an ocean with an animal on a plane, we’re here to help.


Whether it’s on high-quality animal shipping supplies or working with a reputable pet moving company, whether it’s the animal’s market value or its sentimental value, be wary about cutting corners when moving your animals. Though animal transportation isn’t cheap, spending a few extra dollars is worth it to ensure the animal’s safety. United Animal Transport wants to be a part of making animal transportation safer and more reliable overall.