Finding Animal Transport Services that Work for You

Hiring a professional animal transporter service is easier than you might think; there are a surprising number of agencies and individuals around the world willing to take on the task. The difficult part, however, is finding a transporter who works for you. Maybe you only want a professional to draft your itinerary and find appropriate airlines—that’s okay. Maybe you want to hand over your pet and see him a thousand miles away—that’s also perfectly fine. However, in order to find the perfect agency, you must first ask yourself a series of questions pertaining to the experience.

  • How much money do you want to spend?
  • How much time do you want it to take?
  • What level of involvement do you want?
  • How comfortable are you with relinquishing responsibility of your animal?
  • Are you comfortable traveling on an airplane with your animal?
  • Does your animal’s temperament work with traveling?

Answering these questions will allow you to better understand what you want and need from an animal transport professional. Once you can define the level of help you require for your move or vacation, you can more easily progress through the search process.

When you are ready to find a professional, the Internet is the best place to start. IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transport Association, has an easy-to-use tool. Simply choose between “Air and Ground” and “Ground Transport,” then search by country, airport, or company name. Their database of certified pet movers is sure to have the resource you require.



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