Professional Pet Movers Know Something You Don’t

Moving pets safely and comfortably is essential—especially if you are moving across the country or internationally. Though you may think it as easy as booking an extra plane ticket for your furry friend, this is often an irresponsible means of transportation; booking a flight is only the beginning of the animal transport and relocation process.


A professional pet mover can significantly alleviate the stress and pressure of moving your pet, whether it’s for a new, permanent home or an extended vacation. These professionals know which airlines are pet-friendly and often have a contact to utilize when booking flights. This is a great way to accommodate your beloved animal and ensure their travel experience is swift and fear free. Pet movers also understand what is and is not convenient in animal transportation; they have seen countless pet itineraries and know how to best schedule a short, safe trip for your furry friend.


Furthermore, professional pet movers know exactly which forms of documentation your animal will need prior to travel. Rabies is a universal concern, but certain airlines and countries require additional notices and health documentation. Unfortunately, it can be surprisingly difficult to obtain the information you need—a pet mover can do the work for you. Some countries and airlines require the use of a professional pet mover, so research is always essential.


When it comes to the travel itself, a pet mover will understand the small factors that can make or break a trip. For example, very warm and very cold weather can stop a pet from flying; this is an important safety rule followed by almost all airlines. The professional will also recommend a carrier or crate to ride in, and—if you utilize a full-service provider—they likely have the crate on-hand.


Ultimately, opting for a professional pet mover is a responsible decision. They have the experience necessary to make your pet’s transportation experience stress-free. Some companies offer consultation services, while some take care of the entire journey for you. The range of availability makes hiring a professional pet mover an excellent choice for any move or vacation.

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